The arrest of a Burger King employee in the United States of America after she served her customers fries taken from the garbage | News from Mexico

SOUTH CAROLINA- Assistant Director Burger King From South Carolina he was arrested after allegedly Customers served fries taken from the trashthe police said.

Jaime Christine Major, 39 years oldOn Monday, he was charged with food tampering, a felony, by allegedly removing french fries from the trash and adding them to the bin where freshly cooked french fries are placed and then freshly cooked french fries on top.

he Union Police Department responded to a reported disturbance at a fast food restaurant on July 9, it reported Fox News. At the scene they found Two women yell at the restaurant staff, threaten them and use profanity.

When the women refused to calm down at the officers’ request, Both were arrested and charged with disorderly conductthe police told the outlet.

after two days, Burger King headquarters called the police He told them that Major was serving potatoes from the trash.

A warrant for Major’s arrest was issued after the investigation.

If convicted, you could face Up to 20 years in prisonBy country.

A judge set his bail at $20,000.

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