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We have submitted a project to create a space for free interest in mental health. The initiative is part of the National Mental Health Law No. 26657 and seeks to operate a mental illness monitoring and guidance system for the university community. The proposal is being promoted by students of psychology and social work careers.

The pandemic and post-pandemic are putting the mental health issues and inconveniences we experience daily on the public agenda with even greater importance. This intensified with confinement and isolation, especially among young people, and we saw this with return to face-to-face lessons. For this reason, we need policies like the ones we propose so that we students can support ourselves in our studies.

The mental health system will have a physical space and a team of professionals from different disciplines such as psychologists, social workers and psychiatrists. In addition, it is required that pre-professional practices of students of the respective professions be carried out in place.

Along with the project, we presented the results of a survey on mental health access, which was conducted in several UN colleges. The survey provides compelling findings about the importance of mental health spaces. 40% of students indicated that they do not have social or prepaid insurance and that they cannot pay for counseling or pay for treatment.

The university must create conditions for the democratization of access to mental health services, as today there are no public facilities for outpatient mental health care. In addition, there are precedents at other universities such as La Plata and, more recently, Lanús, where spaces such as those proposed have been operated.

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Martin Pfavin

Student Director, College of Psychology.

Alejo Capability

Distinguished Student Adviser at Rosario National University.

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