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Live: Minute by minute from the final match of the Aussie Se Bila

Gregorio thanked Luna for embarking on the adventure of Asi Se Baila

The actor also expressed his desire that the dance reality show should have a second season in 2022.

This is how Gregorio and Luna win

Both father and daughter won the referendum.

Adrian and Sandra are the third finalists

Although the pair was preferred by the judges, the public vote was different.

CNCO and Reggie are the real ones driving the audience crazy

They performed “Sindhurita” for the Telemundo audience.

Lorenzo and Jessica are in fourth place

Thanks to Telemundo for the opportunity, they look forward to 2022.

The choreographers of Aussie Se Bila shine on stage

The celebrities thanked him for all the work he did for the season.

Mariana Zione leaves the judge’s seat and climbs onto the stage

He made everyone dance to the songs “Una de Dose” and “Nina Buena”.

Gregorio declares to Luna, “I can give you everything with you, never to lose.”

The actor recited a poem to his daughter and impressed everyone on the set of Asi Se Baila.

“They’re a very mature couple,” Christian says

The referee cried after the couple’s presentation and revealed that they see their relationship with their daughter in them.

Both father and daughter thrilled the audience

For many years from Luna’s birth until the latest videos, Gregorio and Luna danced in front of pictures of themselves together.

“This match is against Lorenzo,” the singer declared

“I want to continue to feel this Lorenzo 2.5,” said the Latin Grammy winner. For her part, Jessica thanked Telemundo and the public.

“No one has the energy you have,” Jessica said.

During the event the jury members celebrated the couple’s growth.

Lorenzo and Jessica brought in rock and roll

The pair danced for Elvis Presley.

Sandra thanks Adrian for coming with her on the reality show

He dedicated his acting to his mother who watches broadcasts from Mexico.

Adrian thanked the jury, Jackie, her constituents and Sandra. “I love you, I will always love you. Forever,” he told Sandra.

“You’re the best couple on this dance floor,” says Ada.

The referee applauded them, bringing the couple to tears.

Adrian and Sandra rock the stage

The two came to the show separately and danced. Today they delighted the audience to the tune of Charleston.

“In this project you made me move from the lowest point to the highest point,” Adriano declares.

Samadhi turned to her mother, thanking her for leading them forward. “I will never rot, Mom, I love you,” the actress said.

Samadhi and Adriano break up after their presentation

The jury congratulated them on their efforts throughout the reality show and thanked them for bringing their brotherly love to life on television.

The last dances begin with Samadhi and Adriano

The couple wants Jackpot to carry out a project in which the two can act.

Darren Eckerton at Telemundo

Actor Sin 2, presented the new Universal movie.

Prince Royce will give you a scoop on how you dance

He will be performing with Dominican singer Elvis Martinez on the premiere of his new single “Veteran”.

“We came to the final!” Jennifer teased

OP announced that the two would be touring together. Additionally, a newer version of “Before” is now available on music streaming sites.

Jennifer and OB sing “Before” as a duet

Opi Bermudas’ song collaborated with his fiance.

We remember Jennifer and OP getting engaged on the show

Today they take to the stage to deliver a song.

The final of Asi Se Baila begins!

Samadhi and Adriano, Lorenzo and Jessica, Gregorio and Luna, and Adrian and Sandra compete to win the grand prize.

Prince Royce and Elvis Martinez will advance to the final

CNCO Music Visits as Guests

The American band will also be on stage as special guests at the grand finale of Asi Se Baila.

Jennifer Pena and Opi Bermudas are back

The romantic couple will attend the finals of Asi Se Baila as special guests.

The exchange will begin in a few minutes

Polo and Valeria bid farewell to the Asi Se Baila Khan mix written by Juan Gabriel, while Adamari Lopez and Tony Costa danced with their daughter Alaya. Lorenzo and Jessica came on stage with a crack. With the theme “I’m a funny man”, Gregorio and Luna convinced the public. For their part, Adrian and Sandra showed off their steps with the song “Guando”.

If you want Vote Here’s how to do it with your favorite partner:

It airs live from 9:00 pm (Peru and Mexico time). You can watch the dance competition at any time depending on the country where you live.

Those who want to see the original content of Telemundo from any country can view it through its website Officer Telemundo Now.

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