Carol G in Coachella: ends with “brief heart” and her former Anuel AA reaction | Celebrity

Series of news he posted His former Anuel AA On Instagram, after Colombian’s long-awaited debut at the famed festival, it seems to be a reflection of what he would have done on stage.

Anuel AA and his reaction after Carol G’s presentation at Coachella

In the solo, there is an excerpt from what the Colombian says “I sent your fake love on vacation.”

The series of messages that the rapper posted on his Instagram stories after Carol G took the stage made some people think that they were words dedicated to her after singing that song at the ceremony.

“I laugh”, Wrote in one. In another he said: “And do they say I have to say (sic) that I was stuck in the past?”.

“It simply came to our notice then. I’m not a fan of songs After a long time, “he said.

“Now … this is the only reaction you’ll get from me! What do you think“He revealed. And in one he said:” If people know “.

Although he did not directly mention his ex, some media outlets and social networks have described the news as referring to what Carol G. Coachella sang.

Carol G: Glad to be making my debut at Coachella

Although the controversy over Anuel AA’s news has flooded social networks, Carol G has not commented.

Singer Coachella wanted to focus on telling her experience at the festival and thanking the fans for their support.

“You’re the best at everything I do. I love you like you do not know. Thank you,” he told his supporters.

This Monday, the 18th, ‘La Pichota’ dedicated another message on Instagram after his presentation at the acclaimed Coachella Valley Festival.

“6 months of work went by in 5 minutes, but It was more incredible than I thought“, He agreed.

“On behalf of the Latinos we parted yesterday in Coachella. Postscript: For you, Colombia.”

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