Original de Manzanillo’s singer recovers from bottle injuries at concert in Chico de Avila

Katia Naranjo Alarcon, Singer Manzanillo is the original band Satisfactory recovery from injuries caused by A The bottle he received during a concert in Ciego de Ávila, Morón.

Raul RamirezThe group’s technician informed everyone who was concerned about the young woman’s health that she was growing well and that she was already disabled.

“He was the one who encouraged all the members of the original de Manzanillo to go forward, to continue giving concerts and to bring out La Gondola; but he was very strong. Many thanks to everyone”, he described. Facebook.

Capture of Facebook / Katia Naranjo Alarcón

Katia Naranjo AlarconTeacher’s daughter Wilfredo Salvador “Bachy” Naranjo VerdeciaOn August 26, the orchestra was attacked during a presentation A man in the audience threw a bottle at the stage and inflicted piercing wounds on the inside and outside of the lip and nostrils, Fracture of septum, injuries to multiple teeth and a cut near the right eye.

On Thursday, the artist himself updated his recovery, thanking people for their love and solidarity, those who helped him after the attack, the health workers who treated him at Moron Hospital and the interest shown by the Culture and Music Institute. of Ciego de Avila.

“I’m recovering a little bit and I’m still half asleep sitting up Broken nose and mouth breathing from all nasal congestion That was shocking. The swelling is slowly going down, the stitches are healing, and I am continuing to eat Soft food, because I had sores on my teeth“, he explained.

The grip of Facebook / Raul Ramirez

The young woman added that she is in good spirits and is confident that she will recover from the condition with God’s grace.

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Ordered by the Attorney General’s Office Temporary jail for the person who threw the bottle at him During the original presentation on Saturday, August 26 in Morone.

“A 53-year-old citizen living in the municipality has been charged; the prosecutor’s office indicated procedures to clarify the accused’s facts, characteristics and motives for his illegal behavior,” the agency said. .

The victim’s sister was later informed of the move. Karelia OrangeCondemned that Police have released Katia’s attacker as a precautionary measureArguments say that the damage done was minimal and that the man could not be in the dungeon because he had a colectomy and had psychiatric records.

“It’s disrespectful! What does it mean? What does it take for the injuries to be serious? What happened to keep that scoundrel in jail? I don’t care at all about what ‘Mayor’ raised me, today I live, because of that man we all suffer this damage in the orchestra, my parents a lot,” he said. Facebook.

Capture of Facebook / Karelia Naranjo

“Speak, maestro and the National Music Award, what an honor for Maestro de Juventus? What honor to the original Manzanillo Orchestra, what honor to my mother, what honor to see her daughter like this? Women in this country? Any crazy person can do whatever they want and screw someone up, end up on the street, and nothing happensJust a precautionary measure?”, he questioned.

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