This is how the quarterfinals of Clausura 2022 Likuila will look like

Guadalajara Classic and Tigress vs. Cruise Azul stand out from the rest of the Clasura 2022 quarterfinals.

Shivas were the last team to qualify Closing League 2022, Won the playoff match against Poomas 4-1. The fights that need to be highlighted in this Quarter final There are Atlas vs. Sivas Y Tigers Vs. Blue Cross; Complete the playoffs பச்சுகா vs. Athlete St. Louis Y America vs. Pueblo.

With the exception of the top four in the general standings who reached the quarterfinals, the teams that finished 5th, 6th and 8th in the general table were able to come in, the only surprise being Atletico de San Luis, who finished 10th in the regular round. Riotos placed and in 7th place, eliminated in the classification.

பச்சுகா vs. Athlete St. Louis

Tuzos ended up being the tournament leaders Closing 2022 And will face debutants League, Athlete St. Louis. Potosi beat Rayatos in a penalty shootout at BBVA Stadium to recover from a goal deficit and equalize in the last minute.

This is the first time the two teams have met in the final, although Toussaint has previously played against clubs in San Luis. Under administration Athlete St. LouisThis is the first time the two teams have clashed in the Mexican Football League. Prior to this, however, Bodosi had already faced the cow twice in the final stage, with a key for each.

பச்சுகா It was imposed in the final of Clausura 2006, but the people of Las Tunas won the playoffs of Clausura 2008.

Athletes of San Louis and Pacquiao They met the first day Closing 2022 At the Alfonso Lostros Stadium, Tuzos won 0-2 with a brace from Nicolas Ibanes.

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Tigers Vs. Blue Cross

Miguel Herrera will face the team Blue Cross By Juan Rhinoceros, he overcame a reclassification in penalties against Nekoksa. The machine failed to penalize Royos in the 90th minute and had to go on penalty kicks to beat Jaime Lozano’s team 3-1.

This will be the fourth time Tigers and Cruise Azul They face each other in the final stages of Mexican football, with the Nuevo Leone having a positive draw after two consecutive wins in the semi-finals of the Verno 2001 and the quarterfinals of Aberdera 2003; The machine won in the quarterfinals of the 2020 opening.

At the regular stage of Clausura 2022, they put on a fantastic match at the University Stadium, where they drew 2-2 with goals from Andre-Pierre Kignok and Juan Vigone. Luis Abrams and Ignacio Rivero scored for the machine.

Atlas vs. Sivas

The Sivas They won 4-1 Cookers In reclassification and facing the current champion MX League, AtlasIn another edition of the Clásico Tapatio League.

The Guadalajara Has dominated Atlas In the finals of Mexican football, they met four times, with three wins Sivas, Verono 2000, Clausura 2015 and Clausura 2017 in the quarterfinals they were all right; At the same time, Aberdera won the 2004 series by Rojinegros.

The Classico Dapatio of the regular stage of Classura 2022 ended 1-1, which was a controversial match. Atlas Julian Quinones equalized with a score and was then sent off for the way he celebrated. The goal Sivas It is owned by Roberto Alvarado.

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United States Vs. Puebla

United States Will enter action in the final stage of the opposite quarter PueblaThe team that scored on the penalty Macadlon Reach his third consecutive Ligula in the hands of Nicholas Largamon.

Although traditional teams in Mexican football, this is the first time the two have faced each other in the final since the implementation of short matches in the 1996 winter tournament.

During the regular round of Clausura 2022, they met on the opening day of the tournament, in which they drew 1-1 at Cuauhtémoc Stadium with goals from local players Maximiliano Araújo and salvador Reyes.

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