Venta de Aires prepares an “exclusive” space for events in the old Venta de Amando

Tradition and innovation must go hand in hand. This is the principle that those responsible follow Venta de Aires, the oldest restaurant in Toledo. If its walls a century ago bear witness to Founding of the Order of Toledo to which Luis Buñuel, Salvador Dali, Federico Garcia Lorca or Rafael Alberti belong, Now they take another step to Bring that spirit to a new space at Venta de Amando.

“The idea arose when we found out we could Create a more exclusive space for events and that it distinguished itself in the broad scope that Toledo possessed,” according to EL ESPAÑOL-EL DIGITAL CLM. Coca Diaz de la Cuerda, Director of Air Sales. With a clear idea, they just needed to look for the perfect location and found it in the Venta de Amando, a large building located next to the A-42 whose last use was to house the offices of the Casbega (the Castilian company of soft drinks) and that Traditionally it was a traveler’s hostel.

“When we saw it, we thought different place With a lot of magic that you can get a lot of, especially in autumn and winter season,Diaz de la Cuerda explains. It is not surprising that Plot 8620 square meters It includes a large courtyard of 800 meters in length, about 1200 meters of warehouses that were used as warehouses and the main house where the offices are located.

Part of that “magic” the Venta de Aires manager was talking about wasn’t in sight when they acquired the property. He adds, “At the beginning of the rehabilitation work, we found some archaeological remains. We soon conducted a study that confirmed that it was an old winery from the mid-19th century when there was a tavern called Venta de Pinedo.” This vault, which is “slim”, will be another attraction that will be integrated into the new space.

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Besides the aesthetic level, this site also has two big advantages: Your status and ability. Next to the A-42 motorway, which connects Toledo with Madrid at the exit of the capital, it has unparalleled access to cars and buses from the service road, which will allow the organization of events of up to 995 people, It is the capacity they requested in the municipal license.


At the moment, Venta de Aires falls at the expense of completing all the bureaucratic procedures to obtain the opening license. The file, which has already been passed through the Toledo City Planning Commission, has also made it to the table of the Department of Public Works, which will be the one who will have to delegate Changing the classification of a rural plot that also enjoys landscape protection because it is located in the visual cone of Toledo.

In this regard, Cuca Díaz de la Cuerda asserts that “in principle there should be no problem because The repair focus is on restoring the property that has already been built which we will not change with the new buildings. “

However, the deadlines set by the management make the promoters anticipate This new space does not open before the end of the year or the beginning of 2023.

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