Lloyd Austin will be appointed Secretary of Defense in the Biden administration. The Pentagon must have its first color (press)

Retired General Lloyd Austin, who led the US forces in the Obama administration in the Middle East, is set to be appointed Secretary of Defense in the new administration, citing US press reports and evidence of anonymity. If confirmed, Lloyd Austin will become the Pentagon’s first black leader.

Lloyd Austin, 67, has headed the U.S. Federal Command (Centcom) since 2013-2016, after which he retired. If he is appointed, U.S. He will need a dismissal from Congress to fill the executive because he has been active in the military for seven years. The same thing happened to General Jim Mattis, who was appointed Pentagon chief under the Trump administration.

Austin’s appointment may attract criticism from progressive circles, however, he has given his role on the boards of several companies, including the arms company Radeon Technologies. AcerPress, Which quotes Politics. In addition, Michael Flornoi, Secretary of Defense for Politics during President Barack Obama’s first term, was considered a favorite for the post, and if nominated, she would become the Pentagon’s first female president.

As head of CENTCOM, General Austin oversaw operations in the Middle East, and the Islamic State began attacking cities in Iraq, leading to US military intervention. As vice president, Biden held this position and worked closely with General Austin. The general also oversaw the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq, a major logistical operation, and U.S. His experience in this field may be required in developing a strategy for the vaccine campaign. Washington Post.

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