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CES 2021 is in full swing and all major electronics manufacturers are on the verge of getting started. LG has a lot of news for us, anyone can do it Virtual tour at the CES stand.

In the area of ​​TVs, LG is announcing several new models, some updated, others completely new.

In the OLED section, the new series G1 From LG presents Views in the range OLED evo, the next stage in the evolution of OLED TV technology, which provides better brightness for strong images, Clear and realistic.

It is now in the C1 series Wide range of size options from the 48-inch versionh, optional of Gamers Emotion, For the new 83-inch giant modelh. Also, new gallery stand An attractive alternative to elegant support Gallery design, For those who want more flexibility Interior design.

LG OLED TVs in Z1, G1 and C1 series LG QNED Mini LED QNED99 and QNED95, but The LG Nanocell Nano 99 and Nano 95 models now integrate the new α9 General 4 AI smart processor. It uses Deep learning To improve development, Identify objects on the screen such as faces and bodies And distinguishes front and background, processing each object independently. Capable of To detect content type, the Gen9 Gen 4 AI processor further improves image quality and the amount of light in the display, Simultaneous analysis And environmental conditions in different visual contexts.

Gen9 Gen 4 AI processor To bring to the forefront New version of AI Sound Pro From LG Thus, m5.1.2 Virtual Surround Sound Streaming Provides an impressive audio experience With help SpeakerOr Built-in TV, at the same time Auto volume scaling Confident a Block level Constant Or when switching between channels In between Streaming applications.

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New site Clever webOS 6.0 proposes a Home screen Completely redesigned, With Performance and feature improvements. webOS 6.0 provides quick access to applications and the ability to easily find content with customized suggestions.

For sports enthusiasts, dEquipped with new features such as the LG OLED 2021 Lift Game Optimizer, with 1 millisecond response time, Input regression Reduced and four ports that support the latest HDMI specifications.

LG OLED TVs are G-SYNC compatible, I agreeComplicated FreeSync is premium and must Variable update rate (VRR), Manage everything within the game optimizer.

LG Nanocell TV series

Game Optimizer, Pioneer Ann Includes all LG 2021 WebOS TVs Ann QNED Mini LEDs and Nanocell TVs automatically use better image settings depending on the game genreC, If that’s okay We are talking about the first person-shooter, Roll-Flaming Soodspray is a real-time strategic topic.

The panels used in the 2021 range of OLED TVs are certified Belonged to Switzerland Society General Tracking (SGS) has less impact on the environment.


LG LED TVs are also available Suitable for eye health. In addition to recognition TÜV Rhineland To Rivera CornflowerComplicated ReducedComplicated And certification Lack of flicker From Underwriters Labs, LG’s LED TVs use the world’s first ISAF-certified TV panels, which meet ISAF’s low blue light emission requirements. (American Health Quality Institute). Further, Tests LG releases 50 LED TVs% Less blue light than a similarly sized LCD TV panel.

I will test some LG TVs from the range made for 2021 so we can see together how these devices are handled in real life and make objective decisions.

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