A blow to Donald Trump. US Supreme Court rejects unprecedented attempt to overturn election result

The U.S. Supreme Court rejected the unprecedented attempt Current President Donald Trump A Flip Election results Presidential election on November 3 In four states Important, he reported BBC.

The case was filed this week Officers The results are invalid in the states of Texas, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. States won by President-elect Joe Biden.

The trial was backed by 18 lawyers and 106 Republican members of Congress.

But The Supreme Court ruled that Texas has no legal capacity to interfere in elections in other states.

Within it Under no conditions Voters of American States It is due to meet on Monday to register its vote, Donald Trump has refused Continually Accept his failure In elections In front of Democrat Joe Biden Stands up Called elections Stolen.

Rejection Sturdy and fast Of appeal This is not surprising, A Joe Biden spokesman responded, denouncing Unsubstantiated attempts From the camp In the office of the President And Attacks on the democratic process, OK AcerPress.

In the absence of conclusive evidence to support the allegations Massive fraud, All 50 complaints filed by Donald Trump allies in the United States – with one exception – were rejected or dropped by the courts.

Author: Monica Ponia

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