This is how the best cup of coffee is made, according to science

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Bring A good cup of coffee It’s all art. If you are a caffeine lover, then you are definitely looking for a way to get the perfect extraction that will make you start your day with energy and energy Enjoy its delicious aroma and flavour. For a long time this seemed impossible, because every cup of coffee is different and It varies according to the type of grain, roasting and method of preparation. However, scientists have already found out How to make the best cup of coffee. Here are the details.

In 2020, Jamie Foster, a professor at the University of Portsmouth in England, and Christopher H. Hendon, Professor of Computational Materials Chemistry at the University of Oregon in the US, It brought together a group of mathematicians, chemists, scientists and baristas To find the best brew for a cup of coffee, and they seem to have succeeded.

The team crafted a mathematical model to simulate the preparation of an expert barista to represent it in everyday life. The publication was published by the magazine Theme And he gave something to talk about.

Experts recommend using a coarse grind to enjoy a good cup of coffee. SPECIAL / UNSPLASH

Not only is the barista’s goal to produce good-tasting espresso, but it also needs to be repeatable.‘, they pointed out.

How do you make the best cup of coffee?

The results show that to prepare a good espresso, It is better to use less coffee and grind it; That is, the grains do not remain in small pieces. Mathematical theory tells us that this is because, By reducing the mass of the coffee grounds, the water flows through it fasterThey pointed out.

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Although experts have figured out how to make good coffee, it is always good for each person to determine his preference according to his tastes. SPECIAL / UNSPLASH

However, scientists confirmed that Not everyone will be able to enjoy the same flavor profileso it’s always best to choose other types of roast or beans to find the one that best suits your taste.

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