Opening a reading space for the blind

AndIn the offices of the headquarters of the Association of Friends of the Blind (Agaci), located on Calle Angamos and Avenida España, a reading point for the blind has been opened.

The activity is held within the framework of the Book Month celebration program. It was attended by the President of Agaci, Ester Andrade, the Regional Director of the National Cultural Heritage Service (Serpat), Pablo Quercia, and the Regional Coordinator for Public Libraries, Isabel Lopez.


From Agaci, its chairperson has highlighted the public space so that blind people can read.

“We are glad that these books have arrived in Braille, because we are so far away from readingTo you these two years of the epidemic. Being locked up, without access to a library we didn’t have, so I’m so grateful to bring this reading home,” he said.also.

Diana Burkes, part of Agaci, pointed out that this place will be very important for blind children, because it is absolutely necessary that they learn to read Braille texts as children.

It would be very helpful for adults to rediscover reading and encourage this practice, Burkes added.

Meanwhile, Pablo Quercia, Regional Director of Serpat, expressed his relief that Agaci users have Braille books.

“It is a great progress, we are pleased with the result that it has achieved, because of the management that has been made through the regional coordination of public libraries, because for the heritage service, the introduction of this kind of tool He pointed out that reading is to expand cultural services, because we all do the region.

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The Serbat Regional Director appreciated the existence of Braille, as it allows the Agache group to connect with the culture.

Finally, the Regional Coordinator for Public Libraries, Isabel Lopez, commented that the wills of the different entities came together for the Agaci to have a library.

Additionally, Lopez noted that this space has 60 books in braille, with authors such as Jose Donoso, Gabriela Mistral, and Pablo Neruda.

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