Yale cries emotionally during a concert in NY

Expression of urban music Yalin “Very Viral”, enjoys the best moment of his life and his career: love and success.

Thanks for his love affair with Puerto Rican after that Anuel AA, His name is known to almost everyone, the Dominican flew to the United States, this weekend, he gave a show in the big city for the first time A whole house.

Looking at herself in front of an ecstatic fanatic for her songs, she shouted her name on the scalp, “Cody”, “Sivrika” and “Who’s robbing me?” The translator could not hide her. Emotion And face two runs Tears This caused a lump in his throat. He received the emotional support of his partner Anuel, who was very close to drying his clothes. Tears.

“Thank you NY, Dominican Republic for all the care and love you gave me last night (Friday) !!!!!!! They made me cry, thank you for trusting me !!!!! ”, wrote the dancer’s real name Georgina Guillermo Diaz on Instagram.

Yalin Every day he promised to excel in music and personal life.

“I love them !!!!!!! Thank my God for everything”, he concluded the message.

During the presentation, Creole added her songbook to the single “Si tú me Busca”, the first song with her boyfriend, which has already reached over 30 million views on YouTube.

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