“This has nothing to do with the channel”

Enlace Canal 21, which runs the Reverend Guillermo Osorno family, confirmed in a statement this Wednesday that the regime of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo had revoked their licenses on open television through the Nicaraguan Institute of Telecommunications and Corios (Telcor).

Similarly, Radio Nexo, affiliated with Osorno, issued a statement canceling its 89.5 FM bandwidth.

Last Sunday, November 7, Osorno was one of six candidates in a referendum confirming that Ortega and Murillo would still be in power for another five years, but the Honorable said at a news conference on Tuesday that he was unaware of the results. Elections.

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According to Channel 21 and Radio Nexus, Delcor went to the antennas of the television station located in El Crusoe and “routinely inspected” it.

“They released a statement yesterday stating the reason for the revocation of our free broadcast TV license. Based on the report’s argument, today, we are presented with Delcar offices with evidence and tests that reflect that we are functioning properly; However, arbitrarily, they revoked the license of the free broadcast television, ”the letter said.

Channel 21 report.

Nothing to see, Osorno says

LA PRENSA was able to communicate with Osorno this Wednesday night, confirming that Telcor had revoked the channel and radio station licenses he had held for more than 30 years.

“Now they sent us to let us know that they were sending us to revoke the license and that they did not want us to send anything. This is a problem because this channel is not mine and neither is the radio. We are part of a chain of global Christian media. I have been here for so long, I have not been paid because it is a service to the service of God, ”said the Reverend.

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Asked if he thought the move was in response to what he said Tuesday about the vote, Osorno said he did not think something was wrong and had nothing to do with the victim’s media or politics.

“But Idea, you know the government we have here. If you do not agree with them, you will not accept it. I have committed no crime. The channel has nothing to do with this because the channel does not belong to me, it belongs to God, as well as in all countries, what we simply do. Secretaries, ”he stressed.

“Well, you don’t need glasses to see,” he said of the election results, in which Ortega declared himself the winner, and those elections were widely questioned by the international community.

Nexo Report.

“Because we did such a bad thing. We did nothing wrong. What has the channel got to do with this? The channel has a system that does not even run politics or other ads, less political ads. However, they did not talk about politics.

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Despite all these precautionary measures, after the conference on Tuesday, he said, “They (Telcor officials) came to El Crusoe where our factories are located and took notes, and then we only received notice that we would be present today (Wednesday). . My children went and introduced themselves and told me to come back in the afternoon to say that Channel 21 and Radio Nexus’ license had been revoked, ”Osorno said.

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