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On April 3, more data was announced 500 million people on Facebook account They were exposed. To find out if user data is compromised, There are online tools you can check.

“People with bad intentions will definitely use the information for social engineering, scams, hacking and marketing,” he said. Alone Call, The chief technology officer of Hudson Rock, a cybercrime intelligence agency, revealed the incident.

One of the most vulnerable data in this leak phone number Used to create an account. Expression Email.

Hackers can use the data to break all accounts held by users Automatically opened with that email with passwords. That’s why it’s important to have strong, unique and hard-to-guess passwords.

How to check?

If you want to verify that the phone or email was part of more than 500 million filtered phones, you should visit the site Am I bound? Y Write down the phone number or email Linked to the account in the search engine.

For example, to search for a number from the United States, you must type 001 or +1 plus phone number: 001xxxxxx (number) or +1 xxxxxx (number). If the phone is in a leaked database, the message will appear “Oh no – pwned!” Below if part of the leak April 2021 Others that include social networking sites such as Facebook or old business pages or MySpace My tradition.

There are other pages like, Which allows for a more refined and comprehensive search. In addition to phone and email, you can scan IP address, physical address, a domain on the Internet, Among others. However, to know the details you need an account, always, pay 5 to 9 179 To subscribe.

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If personal data appears in registered lists, the same search pages suggest some security measures. Enables the authentication factor to check how strong the email is in them.

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