The legislature leadership in the Senate already promises to have the votes to approve the debt adjustment plan

The Debt Reconciliation Program (PDA) implementation bill needs 14 votes in favor of its approval in the Senate, and the ambassador for the organization, Jose Luis Dolmaw, and the ambassador for the New Progressive Party (BNP), Thomas Rivera, promised this Monday that the Scots already have the votes they need and perhaps even more.

“Last night my colleagues asked me for the final version (of the plan). So far only one person (among the senators) has raised the reservation. There is no opposition,” Dalmav said. New day.

He added that the Popular Democratic Party (PPD) delegation in the 12-member Senate could vote in favor of House Bill 1003 by a majority. That is, 12 senators or at least eight.

“(Votes) are going above 14,” Dalmav said.

Rivera Scots expressed herself in the same way.

“There will be more than 14 votes because that version received 19 votes in the Senate,” he said.

This refers to version 1003 of the Bill with amendments approved by the Senate on October 6. The move received the approval of 19 senators. All PPD senators voted in favor of the move. But in the PNP the plan was not liked by senators William Villafe, Gregorio Mathias and Henry Newman. Senator Penepé Migdalia Padilla abstained from voting because he is a government pensioner.

“I have not spoken to them again, but I think they (they will vote in favor),” Rivera Scots said when asked about the vote of three senators who did not support the PDA’s legislation on October 6.

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“Tomorrow (Tuesday) we have a caucus. They have not told me anything, but I expect what happened on October 6 will be over 14 votes in the conference report,” the senator said.

The Senate has a session tomorrow Tuesday at 1:00 p.m.

PNP’s alternative spokesman, Carmelo Rios, said he would pass 14 votes in the Senate to approve the measures.

“After yesterday’s training, I understand that the votes should exceed 14. In the BNP, at least 7 to 8 votes should be guaranteed. That would elevate us by more than 14 votes, “Rios said.

Yesterday the House of Commons and the Legislature signed an agreement to amend Bill 1003 and introduced the same language that was approved in the Senate on October 6th. In short, it provides language nails to prevent the reduction of pensions and to touch future pensions, i.e. to prevent the touch of civil servants active in government today.

Connected New daySenator Villafe reiterated that he would vote against the move.

“My vote remains the same. I would be willing to vote in favor if the board said there was no need to revise the finance plan and reduce its PDA pension,” the senator said.

Similarly, Senator Mathias is against it. He told the media that he would vote against any action by the board until Act 3, which cuts the pensions of a large number of public servants, including police, firefighters and medical emergency personnel, is implemented.

Through the PPD, the media learned that senators Raman Ruiz and Ada Garcia were still against. Last week’s list of celebrities against PDA includes Gretchen Howe, Mikdalia Gonzalez and Ruben Choto.

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This release contacted all five of them, but no one answered the calls.

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