This EUPHORIA actress wanted to appear in a series premiere like MARÍA FÉLIX; Did you?

It was released in 2019 Thrill, A series of HBO Max: This TV show has inspired millions of young people and adults around the world, thanks to the excellent acting of the actors, his vision of adolescence and his outward appearance. Security vault As Cosmetics.

If there is one person who stands out by their style both inside and outside the screen, it is Actress Alexa Half, Who are playing Maddie Perez in Euphoria. Her flawless makeup and her erotic outfits have made her a fashion icon.

Alexa Demi Thanks for the rise in popularity ThrillAlthough she already had little involvement in TV series and movies, the actress became known until the first scene of the HBO series and began to set a trend.

One of his Most Popular Videos, The model who travels in the truck, looks at the camera and paints a glossy lip while he sings a song in Spanish. Users described the moment as an iconic thank you because of the security and sensuality Alexa plans.

Recently, Alexa Demi A little special post for the magazine Vogue, In which he describes his preparation for the second season premiere Thrill. Piece, we see Alexa She was wearing an attractive red ensemble Balenciaga, With matching diamond-lined bag.

Maria Felix inspired Alexa Demi with her first scene of Euphoria.

Alexa Describes his process of getting ready for the red carpet, describing it for him The first scene From Thrill He wanted to look like an old man Hollywood He also asked make-up artists to work with inspiration on the most classic look Diva Mexican Golden Cinema Maria Felix.

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“This is the hairstyle I have been waiting for a long time. Maria Felix is ​​one of my favorite Mexican actresses and I love her look. ”

This look by Maria Felix was the inspiration for Alexa Demi

Describes Alexa Demi, When showing a Photo From “The Donna” With the collected hairstyle and embroidered jewelry, it will give a classic and elegant touch, very characteristic Maria Felix. Actress of Thrill She finished her look with beautiful makeup and a matching Balenciaga dress, which made a spectacular look on the red carpet.

“My vision has come true”, He says Alexa His appearance exclusively while modeling Vogue. The actress’ impeccable hairstyle is very similar Mary FelixIt has the same jewelry embedded details.

Alexa Demi was inspired by Maria Felix

Undoubtedly, Beauty and style by Maria Felix They transcend the boundaries of time. Well, even in 2022, Hollywood stars continue to impress “The Donna” Be like all divas.

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