This Cuba tour company only accepts electronic payments

Islazul Hotel Group has announced that one of its branches in the province will no longer accept payments for its services in cash.

This innovation was pioneered by Islam al-Kamague who published the following news This Monday:

“Starting today in our sales office and in all hotels in Islazul Camagüey, only exclusive electronic payments will be accepted through the POS for magnetic cards and through the Transfermóvil and Enzona payment platforms for all products and services of our facilities.

Since April 2022, other Cuban agencies have already adopted the digitization of payments, which has generated much criticism among their clients.

“Payments in cash shall be suspended indefinitely”, contacted In that case the travel agency, Cubanagan.

The agencies noted that payment can only be made through the well-known Cuban electronic sites Enzona or Transfermóvil, for bookings in Cuban pesos, or with MLC magnetic cards, for services sold in foreign currency.

Purchases from abroad will continue to be made with VISA or Mastercard cards accepted in Cuba that are not affiliated with US banks.

Electronic payments in Cuba

With the recently announced demonetisation move, the government has ensured that cash payments will not disappear, but will “work in tandem with other payment instruments”.

“This banking process is to increasingly stimulate the use of digital payment instruments in electronic channels,” the vice president of the Central Bank of Cuba said at a recent roundtable.

However, travel agencies, electricity companies or service centers have already started to abandon charging in physical currency for all services.

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To add insult to injury, the latest 6% bonus Cuban banks are not relevant to the tourism sector.

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