They will investigate the vice president of Peru who is alleged to have committed money laundering

(CNN Español) – Today, Peru’s Vice President and Peru’s Minister of Development and Community Affairs, Tina Boulevard, has been included in an investigation into alleged money laundering by lawyer Richard Rojas, who allegedly illegally financed election campaigns by the ruling Liberal Party in government. .

The inquest heard that those campaigns included bringing Pedro Castillo to the presidency this year, but did not specify what other election would be held in the region of Peru Libre Jun, which allegedly used bribe funds.

Attorney Rojas, who specializes in money laundering offenses, is investigating Peru Liber as a legal entity; To party leader Vladimir Seron and former chairman of the Cabinet and current member of Congress Guido Bellido.

In a message on his Twitter account, Seron expressed his “full solidarity” with Boulevard for “being unfairly included in the money laundering investigation”, citing the motive for “continuing the persecution of Peruvian librarians”.

The lawsuit was probably funded by the attorney general’s office, known as “Los Dynamicos del Centro”, which was set up in 2019 when Seron Jun was governor of the region.

The prosecutor’s office raises the issue of the network linked to bribery for the issuance of driving licenses in the region. According to the Ministry of Public Works, these funds would have “misrepresented” the financial and personal costs of the Seron, as well as the legal and personal costs that Seron faces, after it carried out “unspecified” transfers and transfers “. Due to different judicial processes. Seron and Bellido deny allegations of money laundering.

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According to a tax document accessed by CNN, the prosecutor’s office is investigating Vice President Boulevard for opening a bank account in which illegal contributions were collected to pay civil damages or guarantees for Seron, the founder and former governor of Peru Libreau. Junín, a corruption convict in 2019. The document refers to a competent collaborator in the case to support its theory that money would have been used to fund the party’s campaign.

The tax document cites a statement made by Boluarte in September, in which, according to the prosecutor’s office, the officer confirms that he opened the account and that Cerron had the money to pay the required civil damages, thus preventing him from leaving. In prison.

CNN is seeking Boulevard’s reaction to the attorney general’s office’s decision to include him in the investigation.

In statements to the Fourth Power Plan this Sunday, the vice president pointed out that there was no political campaign to fund the opening of the account.

“Actually, the account was opened and I wrote it on November 1, 2020. As of that date, the party has not yet been registered on the list. As a result, no campaign has been made,” Boulevard said. It does not seem to be a public account, ”he added.

In an interview, the vice president confirmed that the account had been opened, “because the court is seeking 850,000 soles of civil damages and if he does not pay the money within the time indicated by the court, he will go back to prison. At current exchange rates, that amount is equivalent to just $ 213,000.”

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