Sivas, Leon and Cruz Azul in the attack

ESPN Digital was able to learn 11 starting against El Tri from Ecuador; The attack will be created by Roberto Alvarado and Santiago Kimines

Mexico – Gerardo Martino Began to perform his experiments to define the possible formation of the facing Ecuador choice In Charlotte, North Carolina, and 11 it was practically defined that he would use this Wednesday, which will be guided by the players. Sivas, The lion And Blue Cross In the tricolor attack.

The Mexican team He struggled to get players to play his game at the Bank of America Stadium because clubs refused to lend their opening players for the friendly against Ecuador.

Thus, on Tuesday morning training at the Sportplex, a sports complex in Matthews, North Carolina, Mexican team He served at the start of the 11th, from which the Blue Cross Roberto Alvarado and Santiago Kimenes would lead the tricolor attack, Rodolfo would defend the Cota goal, and his teammates Jose La Ramre and Osvaldo Rodríguez in La Fierra would cover the right and left sides.

Also, it was seen in training on Tuesday that Argentina’s Gerardo Martino will use three Sivas elements at the start of the game.

Uriel Antuna Will move forward with Alvarado and Kimines, will be controlled Fernando Feltron And in the midfield, Ricardo Anglo.

Who will complete the alignment?

Second, Harret Ortega, Former Defender United States The undisputed title holder in Toluca’s Red Devils today is the man seeking to ‘graduate’ with Gerardo Martino. Mexican team Who will defend the central defense in this case with the Olympic Atlas athlete, Jesus is there.

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In addition, Eric Lira He will also be one of those selected by the national coach to jump on the field in midfield.

Defensive of Poomas As the Mexican tournament began to define venues for final events, the Lottery also won amid league MX teams refusing to lend friendly to El Tri players.

Rodolfo Quota (Lion), Jose David Ramirez (Lion), Harret Ortega (Toluca), Jesus is there (Atlas), Oswaldo Rodriguez (Lion), Eric Lira (Poomas), Fernando Feltron (Sivas), Ricardo Anglo (Sivas), Uriel Antuna (Sivas), Roberto Alvarado (Cruz Azul) and Santiago Kimines (Cruz Azul) will start El Tri against the 11th and South American team confirmed by ESPN Digital.

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