They supported them even when they lost and thanked them at the end

KATRINA GUILLO of the Philippines | Photo: Joe Allison – FIFA/FIFA via Getty Images

The Philippines looked to write a golden page in their football books in their World Cup debut. It’s an opportunity that everyone dreams of in this sport. In front they had Switzerland, which is characterized by good treatment of the ball. It’s not going to be easy. They had to appeal to the defensive line to stand up well at the Forsyth Barr Stadium. This Australia-New Zealand 2023 World Cup opener for both teams shows that the value of this competition goes beyond winning and losing.

This was demonstrated by the Filipino fans, who felt strongly about themselves. And he lived the dream just seconds after Katrina Guillou’s goal. Considering the state of the defensive order and attacking by surprise, the Philippines opted for long deliveries. That’s how they found his note. A ball goes from the defensive zone to the edges of the Swiss area. After an aerial dispute, the ball ended up at the feet of Katrina Guillo, who took advantage of the goalkeeper’s hasty departure. Gale Thalmann Finish and send the ball to the bottom of the net.

However, his goal was cancelled. The highlight moment for the Philippines lasted only 15 seconds. And Switzerland understood that it had to react if it didn’t want the game to spiral out of control. A replay of the play shows that Guillou was actually ahead at the time of the pass. There was no touch towards it during the aerial battle for the ball, so it didn’t deviate and it was the first pass intended to give Guillou a forward.

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The Philippines couldn't beat Switzerland, but they made a gesture with their fans that was worth more than three points.  (Luis Veniegra/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)

The Philippines couldn’t beat Switzerland, but they crafted a gesture with their fans that was worth more than three points. (Luis Veniegra/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)

However, the night was not without its emotional moment. And thanks to the generosity of the players and fans. The Philippine national teams waited until the end of the game to give a collective thank you to all the people who came to support them. And the fans get ten points for not only waiting until the end of the game, but for their continued support throughout the match, despite the loss. It really made the Filipinos look like they were playing at home in the face of such hubbub of their countrymen.

Tonight may not be the night they celebrate their first goal at the World Cup, but they will have two more chances. In their group, the next opponents will be New Zealand and Norway. In this match against Switzerland, they showed that they can defend well and Olivia McDaniel, their goalkeeper, is the guarantee of the defense. He had no cooperation in Swiss targets. First the penalty was correctly taken Ramona Bachmann. The goalkeeper gambled that the shot would be centered, but Bachmann doubled his shot to the left to make it 1-0.

On the second goal, McDaniel reacted with two lightning saves, but the final rebound fell to the feet of Serena Puebel, who finally put the ball away to seal the final 2-0. This is how it all ended. Not the joy of the goal for the Philippines, but the pride of the game played with valor and honor till the end. Being in the World Cup is already history for them.

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Spain won 3-0 at the end of the other day Costa Ricawhen Canada And Nigeria They were built without tips. The Iberians showed a collective football that helped them understand the defense of the match. They even missed a penalty, and Jennifer Hermozo, a Pachuca player, widened the gap. The shot was weak and saved by the goalkeeper.

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