Joe Biden | China tells the world that the United States is playing with fire on Taiwan

The Chinese government warned after the president on Monday that it was “playing with fire” Promised to protect If China tries to seize it by force, the state-owned Xinhua has said.

United States Uses the letter “‘ Taiwan‘To have ChinaAnd it will burn, ”said Zhu Fenglian, spokesman for the State Council Taiwan Affairs Office, often described as China’s cabinet.

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Biden’s statements on Monday are the strongest on the Taiwan issue to dateAnd they came in the context of growing tensions over the development of economic and military power China.

State news agency Xinhua reported Xu “urges US to suspend any statements or actions” Is a violation of the policies established between the two countries.

This Monday, When asked if Washington wanted to use military force to protect Taiwan, Biden replied: “Yes.”

“This is the commitment we consider”Said.

The US president made the remarks in TokyoHe met with the Japanese Prime Minister ahead of the regional summit on Tuesday.

United States And its allies, such as Japan, vehemently opposed the Russian invasion Ukraine Warned other countries such as ChinaThey should not carry out unilateral military action.

The Taiwan Affairs Office reports to the State Council, which is often described as the country’s cabinet.

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