They seize a couple who issued the wrong work visas to Canada

Tegucigalpa, Honduras.- Two persons, one of whom was a doctor, were arrested by the police at the last hour for being considered responsible for the crime of fraud.

The Special Crimes Division of the Directorate of Police Investigation (DPI) described the 51-year-old doctor, a resident of St. Lucia, and a 65-year-old woman as having criminal records with seven arrests for fraud; There are many complaints for the same crime.

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The police file states that for months the suspects have been deceiving citizens who volunteered to process and expedite documents and medical examinations in order to obtain a work visa in an agricultural area in Canada.

In that way, in order to qualify for what are called visas, victims have to pay large sums of money.

Prisoners face charges of repeated gross fraud, forgery of seals, forgery of private documents, and professional intrusion to the detriment of several protected witnesses.

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