Video: NASA’s ingenious helicopter sets new records on Mars’ fifth flight


8 May 2021 06:31 GMT

This Friday, the drone took off from Wright Brothers Field and flew 129 meters south, where it landed successfully.

Autonomous helicopter Ingenuity NASA launched its fifth spacecraft to Mars this Friday. Your first outing, From Wright Brothers Field – it took off and landed on all previous flights – to another location 129 meters to the south.

Once the target was reached, the drone climbed to record heights 10 meters And took some high-resolution pictures of his new “neighborhood” before creating the landslide, Extensive The U.S. space agency said in a statement that the flight lasted 108 seconds.

“Fifth helicopter flight from Mars Another great achievement Bob Pierce, co – executive director of NASA’s Aeronautical Research Mission Directorate, told the agency. The continued success of ingenuity demonstrates the value of combining the forces of different skill sets from across the agency to create the future, just like flying a plane on another planet! “

During its previous flight, on April 30, Ingenuity Went above 5m and 266m flew for 117 seconds.

After a successful landing, the helicopter Waiting for future instructions, Which will be sent by the mission controllers Round Diligence, which goes south, towards the area where the scientific activities and sample collection begins.

“The plan for the future is to fly ingenuity so as not to slow down the scientific processes of perseverance,” Chief Engineer Bob Balaram explained, adding that they can.Two more flights in the next few weeks“.” We were already able to collect all the flight performance data that we first came to collect. Now, these new functions provide an opportunity to continue to expand our knowledge of flying machines on other planets, ”he concluded.

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