They reveal what Queen Elizabeth asked to be buried with

Last September 19, a farewell ceremony was held for Elizabeth II, who ruled the British monarchy for 70 years. The farewell was held privately for his family at the King George VI Memorial Chapel, Windsor, after public events.

The coffin in which the king rests for eternity is sealed with lead, a heavy metal, and carried by eight soldiers on a tour of different locations before his burial.

Of the many curiosities brought about by this event, one of the most notable was that the Queen took with her to the grave, as many claimed that they were precious and significant objects to her.

However, the items are not as exotic as many believe, as sources close to the royal family claim that Elizabeth II was buried with only her wedding ring made of Welsh gold, along with a pair of pearl earrings.

Despite various rumors about the comforts and alleged wishes of the previous king, there are those who claim that he was buried with fewer accessories and valuables compared to his relatives.

For example, Queen Victoria has a burial case with her husband’s coat, a locket from his hand, a lock of hair and a photo of her favorite servant with whom she was rumored to have had an affair.

As a result, among Elizabeth’s possessions, which were left outside her coffin, except for her crown – made up of nearly 3,000 diamonds and dozens of other jewels – it was another symbol of power.

So the doubts of those who asked how much fortune the English could have taken with her into eternity are resolved by learning that she decided to take only her wedding ring and some pearls.

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