The IDB has fired Mauricio Claver-Caron and the race to elect his successor is open

WASHINGTON.- President of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), Mauricio Claver CaronHe was ousted after an ethics scandal that evaporated all his political support and ended his administration as president of the regional body, while he still had three years in office. The expected, unprecedented and sudden fallout opens a new race to replace him to lead the key regional development bank..

The IDB Board of Governors represents the Bank’s 48 member countries – the United States, Canada and Latin America, several European countries, Japan, South Korea and China – Claver-Carron voted in favor of ending the administrationAs he suggested last week, The Board Directors, sources in Washington confirmed to LA NACION.

Claver-Carone’s downfall puts an ignominious end to a controversial presidency, unlike any seen in the bank’s history. In October 2020, Claver-Caron became the chairman of the IDB, promoted by then-US President Donald Trump. His nomination and election did not receive unanimous support, dividing the region, and was highly controversial: as a “hawk” with strong ideological positions, He was the first North American to occupy the chair traditionally reserved for Latin America. Claver-Caron came to IDB with promises to reform the company, modernize it and increase capital, which he never achieved. His downfall fell within seven days, but began much earlier.

Last March, an anonymous complaint Board He accused her of violating the bank’s code of conduct by having a close relationship with her chief executive. The Board Davis hired Polk Law Firm to investigate the allegations. Last Monday, directors received a final report from the law firm that detailed evidence that Claver-Caron maintained that relationship with her collaborator — the two worked together at the White House before moving to the IDB during Trump’s presidency — and escalated. Amid the pandemic, his salary was 40% higher in his first year at the bank. It was revealed that he was paid US$420,000 Country.

The report further stated The chairman of the IDB did not fully cooperate with the investigation and withheld information, Like the emails that caused deep concern in Joe Biden’s government. Backed by the US and key countries in the region, the executive committee unanimously decided to recommend his transfer to the board of governors, which took the final decision on Monday.

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Claver-Caron has always denied all allegations, calling the allegations against her “false”. “Fabric information”, and all were a move to impeach him orchestrated by IDB countries opposed to his administration. Further He accused the White House of handing the bank to China “on a silver platter.”

“I supported and participated in this unprecedented investigation, which did not prove the false and anonymous allegations leveled in the press against me or the IDB staff,” the 47-year-old lawyer said. TrumpeterIn a statement released last week.

A spokesperson of the Treasury Department said this The investigation was “thorough, independent and credible”, It found “improper conduct” that violates the IDB’s principles and values.

“Chairman Claver-Carron’s refusal to fully cooperate with the investigation has created an environment of fear of reprisals among staff and borrowers, the bank has lost the trust of staff and shareholders and requires a change of leadership”, the spokesperson pointed out last week. and offered US support for the officer’s relocation.

Claver-Caron’s departure confirmed, The future of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) will take a new turn in the coming weeks when it is decided who will win. In Washington, the chair is expected to return to Latin America, and it has not been ruled out that a woman will be elected to lead the bank for the first time. Names currently circulating in the North American capital include Chile’s former president, Michelle Bachelet; Laura Chinchilla, former president of Costa Rica, and Alicia Barcena, president of ECLAC. But the race is just beginning.

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