Ninel Conte loses interest in a bikini and closes her critics with a strong message

After being quiet for a long time, she stopped accusing her husband, businessman Larry Ramos, of Ninel Conte I m silence snails in them Social media I send a strong message to those who criticize him for following someone who has been accused of fraud and to those who are currently in dispute with the singer Alejandra Guzman In other requests.

The Lines They go on to say that the Mexican singer and actress has not revealed herself in terms of the cases she is facing Larry Ramos, Serious allegations led him to maintain a number of unresolved legal conflicts, and therefore his Fans And Netizens urged her to talk, however, and she is sidelined because she is not one Title That is his responsibility, he promises.

In addition to this matter, Ninel Conte He is fighting legally to regain custody of his son Emmanuel, so he confined himself to reporting this progress. Process Is legal. However, this week the killer bomber decided to talk and did so by himself Social media, He sent a strong message to his critics.

Suspicion of relationship with Larry Ramos

There are many rumors but confirm it Ninel Conte She begins to suspect the way her husband behaved, and nothing is certain because he has not made any statement about it. Some of his Critics They point to supporting and covering up the wrongs committed by the husband, but apparently Ninel Conte is more concerned with resolving the issue of crime as soon as possible. In custody Of his son.

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In this context Actress He regularly shares photos on his social networks, where he only enjoys a trip Playa, A photo session or sharing a video will appear where he does Exercise. The release of her new album is what keeps her busy Fans Y Fans They have supported her for so long.

In this context Ninel Conte I decided to send a message to those who blamed him: do not be a parrot in life, be an eagle, the parrot speaks a lot, but can not fly high. An eagle is calm and has the power to touch the sky, he wrote in his profile this week Instagram, Where she wore a brown bikini; In the photo you can see the erotic singer showing off her idol Body He’s radioactive and apparently he has no time to worry Things The solution is not in their hands.


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