They order the arrest of Garcia Cabesa de Vaga

At the request of the Attorney General’s Office (F.G.R.), A federal judge issued an arrest warrant against Ban, the governor of Tamaulipas Francisco Javier Garcia is the leader Cow, For organized crimes and Washed Of money.

Federal sources confirmed that the investigation against the president was made by the Office of the Special Prosecutor for Organized Crime.Seedo) Of the FGR, which received the order of the controlling judge of the Federal Criminal Justice Center of Almolo de Juras, Mexico.

Consultative sources pointed out that the investigation and arrest warrant were independent of the procedure to be followed for a crime against the governor. Fraud Finance, For which the Chamber of Deputies approved the removal of the jurisdiction.

National Institute of Migration (I.N.M.), Affiliated with the Interior Ministry, issued a warning against Garcia Caba de Vaca and the Financial Intelligence Division (UIF) Ordered to freeze the accounts of the Governor and other persons and the money laundering network detected by law firms and officials allegedly associated with him.

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FGR requested to be provided Red chip a Interpol So, if the governor is outside Mexico, he will be wanted in 192 countries.

FIU holder, Santiago Nieto, Said on Twitter that the restraining order includes 12 individuals and 25 companies Maria de Lourdes Capesa de Waga, The governor’s mother, and his wife, Mariana Gomez.

“Zero tolerance for corruption and impunity, especially for those who believe they are untouchable,” the official said.

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“We will continue to investigate whether it was illegally funded by the Francisco ‘G’ Network or the Tamaulipas government. Election campaigns. In his case, we will file a complaint, ”he argued.

Accounts Joseph Manual e Ismail Garcia Head From Cow.

On May 10, the governor’s close circle was isolated by the FGR because it had received information from the U.S. judiciary regarding irregularities.

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The FGR said it had received information about the governor, his brothers Ismail and Jose Manuel and his mother-in-law Jose Raman Gomez Recentes and various business, developer and industrial companies about “potential criminal liability associated with banking fraud.” , Illegal money transfer And illegal activities will be integrated into the investigation folder as new evidence that Mexican law enforcement officials now have, ”he stressed.

During the investigation initiated by the authorities, The UIF A residence on the Boscs de Santa Fe in Mexico City is 42 million pesos and l.Buy on a farm At Soto La Marina in Tamaulipas, for 38 million pesos, it was purchased by Shell, the governor’s partner.

The president also acquired assets between Rhinoza, Tamaulipas and McAllen and Edinburgh, Texas, through shareholders and relatives ranging from 5.9 to 10.7 million pesos.

In July and November 2020, the FIU filed two complaints against the governor for events reported by Mornista. Alejandro Roses Dias Duran And apartment for sale.

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Both complaints were lodged Seedo They were expanded a few weeks ago because the FIU had received complete information about companies and presidents used by the governor to commit money laundering.

Of these, a complaint from the Attorney General’s Office (FGR) was added to the Office of the Anti-Corruption Attorney on January 22, 2021. Corruption facts Announced by the former Director of Patrilios Mexicanos (Bemex), Emilio Losoya Austin.

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