Messi will break his silence this Saturday

Leo Messi has not spoken since last December In his now popular interview with Jordi Ovol. Putting Argentina’s ‘clothes’ in front of the Catalan journalist made a lot of impact on many interesting headlines. The problem is, almost five months have passed, of which ’10’ says nothing. The ‘crack’ has been quiet ever since, but it looks like he will break it this Saturday.

The ‘Ole’ newspaper in Argentina announced it The star of Albicelest will give his face in an exclusive interview this May 22nd. The aforementioned newspaper was to celebrate the media’s 25th anniversary with Rosario, who spoke with him at length. F.C. The Barcelona captain is expected to be able to offer some improvement for his future, which has all Barcelona in suspense.

Forced Note that Messi will end his contract on June 30 Now he has not officially decided what he will do. ’10’ is not more than a month away from going free, and Joan Labord works against the clock before it happens. The president of Persia wants to stay ahead and renew as soon as possible, but six times it seems that Balan d’Or is not in such a hurry.

In December, with Ovo, Leo agreed that he would not decide anything until the end of the campaign, so it was important to remember that he kept his word. “Nothing is clear to me until the end of this year and I will wait until the end of the seasonIf I do not break what I have told you now, the important thing is to think about the team, finish the year well, try to get titles, not be distracted by other things, ”he said then.

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Messi will prioritize money for the game plan

At the moment, Rosario is meditating on what is best in his career and media It has been made clear that the sports program will prioritize money. Argentina wants to stay in Barcelona, ​​which is why he prioritizes the privilege of the Catalan people. The Catalans could not provide him with as much money as Paris Saint-Germain could offer him, but this was not the most important thing for the attacker to determine his future.

Albicelest International Europe wants to win as many titles as possible in the remaining two years, Because his plan is to go to the United States in 2023. Therefore, he will renew with Parsia only if he thinks he has a plan that is ambitious and serious enough to fight for everything. There may be more news about his future this Saturday, which points to Camp Noah.

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