They have found a missing Colombian family in Mexico, the Zacatecas prosecutor’s office announces

(CNN Spanish) –– The Zacatecas Prosecutor’s Office reports that a Colombian family who disappeared in Mexico at the end of October is located in Durango state.

Earlier, the Government Secretariat and the Attorney General’s Office of Zacatecas announced that a Colombian family of five members—two adults and three children—disappeared in late October while traveling from Mexico City to Ciudad Juárez on the USA border.

“After a coordinated operation with the authorities of the state of Durango, five people were found while staying in a hotel in the capital of that state; the authorities of Durango were able to verify that both adults and children are in perfect health. “, the Zacatecas prosecutor’s office said in a statement this Friday.

The family began their journey to Ciudad Juárez on Oct. 26, Zacatecas government secretary Rodrigo Reyes Mucurza said on Facebook. On October 31, the Colombian consulate announced that the men could not be located, so the prosecutor’s office opened an investigation and released the search files, the official said. The family’s last known location, according to search files, was on Oct. 27 in the municipality of Zacatecas, Calera.

CNN reached out to the Colombian embassy in Mexico to ask if it was participating in the investigation, but did not receive a response.

Parents, Eulith Andrea Alfonso Alfonso, 36, and Jorge Alejandro Garcia Villamil, 44, and their three minor children: Daniel Jose Martinez Alfonso, 11; Mia Garcia Alfonso, 6; and Daniel Alejandro Garcia Alfonso, 3.

CNN contacted the Office of the Attorney General of the Republic of Mexico and Colombia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs for more information. The prosecutor’s office has not yet responded to the request, while the foreign ministry has indicated that it does not have any additional information on the case.

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The secretary of the government of Zacatecas denied that the armed group was involved in the incident. He said investigations are continuing.

The disappearance of the Colombian family on the route from the south to the north of Mexico is not an isolated case. In Zacatecas alone, where federal and state authorities recognize problems of insecurity due to the activity of criminal groups, 3,688 people have been registered as missing, according to official figures updated as of Thursday.

The most recent case that drew national attention was the disappearance of seven teenagers in September. A few days later, one of them was found alive, while the other six were found dead after being abducted.

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