They found the remains of a farmer who had gone missing in Manzanillo seven months earlier

Almost seven months after his disappearance And after an intense search by his relatives, the body of the Cuban farmer was found this Saturday in Manzanillo, Granma province. José Angel Reytor Arias, 66 years old.

Given by his niece Maricel Blanco Reider News on social networks“Today, almost 7 months after his disappearance, we found the remains of my uncle's body. Apparently died of a heart attack“Everything is under investigation.”

Blanco, who hasn't given up searching for her uncle all these months, revealed that Reiter died “close to where he disappeared.”

Facebook capture/Maricel Blanco Reider

“Thank you to everyone who still asked me if there was news about him, as we always said we would let you know when we find him, today I am telling you, my uncle died near where he disappeared and we finally found him. Eternal light to our beloved Jose Angel, uncle, rest in peace,” he revealed.

A week later the case alert was launched on social networks disappearing The old man, on September 11, 2023, while he was cutting paddy in the field, went to fetch water for his companions.

The raider never returned to the spot. His niece said Cyber ​​Cuba At that time, “more than 50 people scattered around the paddy field in search of him without a single trace of him.”

The next day the relatives went to file a report with the Manzanillo PNR, but officials said they had to do so 72 hours after the disappearance. Once that period had passed, they went back to report, “but we never saw any interest from the police to help us,” Blanco said.

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Desperate to find the old man, his family took to social mediaLike many people searching for their missing relatives in Cuba, there is no official government channel to watch these cases and make it possible to search and find people.

For almost seven months, Reiter's relatives issued formal appeals for help in locating his whereabouts And he did not lose hope that he would be alive. But unfortunately, this Saturday they got the sad news they didn't want.

José Ángel Reider's name joins a long list of Cubans who have disappeared and whose families must come to terms with finding them dead.

In a case with a similar result, Walfrido Hernandez, who was reported missing on March 21, was found dead A few days later in Havana.

At the beginning of the year, the The tragic end of Cuban-American Yorgelkis Bolanos Fernandez, who had been missing since January 7 in Matruka, Mayabeg province, was found dead about 10 days later. Bolanos was killed on his way back to his homeland.

In the same month, Alcides Magdariaga Chacón, 80 years old, whereabouts unknown in Santiago de Cuba.He was found dead in a tank.

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