RD reiterates that the country will only serve illegal Haitians in an emergency

Interior and Police Minister Jesús -Chu-Vásquez Martínez reiterated this Sunday that the country cannot provide assistance to the large number of Haitian women coming into childbirth.

“The Dominican government is not capable of resolving the problems of the Dominican, Dominican and Haitians together. We need to understand that only emergency cases are considered in the Dominican Republic. Other cases are Haitian,” he said.

Vásquez Martínez stressed that the international community must intervene in the economic, political and social crisis facing neighboring Haiti.

“There are also bands dedicated to that type of training, we have to do …. we can’t proceed, what are we going to do with the Dominicans? Is it easy for the government to increase the capacity of Haitian and Dominican women to serve?”, He responded.

When questioned about a complaint that a Haitian woman in labor was breaking water in one of the vehicles of the Directorate General of Migration, Vasquez said the decision by the National Migration Council was only to attend to the cases. To the emergencies of outlaws.

He said the border should continue to be strengthened to prevent immigrants from entering the country Ilegally.

He noted that the state has a responsibility to Dominicans and legalized foreigners.

“With the Dominican Republic, we have a commitment with the Dominicans, and we must respond legally to Dominicans and foreigners living in the Dominican Republic,” he said.

Vasquez Martinez made the remarks at the “First Meeting of My Safe Country Coexistence” in the La Jurza neighborhood of the National District.

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