The “devil” will arrive this April 8th with a solar eclipse

Astronomer Shares Details of Solar Eclipse and Passing Comet “Diablo”

The world is about to witness a total solar eclipse, accompanied by comet “Diablo”.

Roberto Shankarth Carias, National Director of Scientific Research and Astronomy at the Western International School, said Comet 12P/Pons Brooks, also known as Comet “Diablo,” will be visible in areas where the eclipse reaches 100 as the solar eclipse passes. % of total.

“I believe that this solar eclipse will lend itself, for example, people with good professional camera equipment will be able to take some good photos, because the total eclipse will be visible, and some planets will be visible and depending on the camera. It seems, the comet “Diablo” may come out,” said Karias. .

Carias reiterated that the comet “Diablo” is not far from the Sun, and in areas such as Mexico, Canada and the United States, there is a high chance of seeing it.

“An expert who knows everything about the timing of the exposures and the total solar eclipse will be able to catch the comet “Diablo” next to the solar eclipse,” Carias asserted.

There are countless theories about this total solar eclipse in the world, but Carias rejects it as causing three days of darkness.

Roberto Carrías added that in Honduras, where the solar eclipse is 44% partial, the sun's brightness will decrease by only 30% and the darkness will not be felt as it will be barely perceptible.

Carias suggested viewing a solar eclipse with appropriate instruments to experience the Moon passing in front of the Sun.

Astronomers and lovers alike are gearing up to observe and analyze these two events coming together this Monday, April 8.

2024/04/0415:24H. / Josué Cárcamo

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