They found a wounded woman in Croatia who did not remember who she was or how she got there

(CNN) – In the remote part of an island Croatia They found a woman who had no memory of who she was or how she got there.

The woman, believed to be in her 60s, received medical help after being found on the island of Krug in northern Croatia on September 12, according to a report sent to CNN by local police on Monday.

Police, who circulated a photo of the woman, said she was of moderate stature and about 1.65 meters tall. She has shoulder-length blonde hair and blue eyes.

“He speaks English, but he does not remember his identity,” police said. “He is currently in hospital and his condition is stable,” he added.

Many responded to the police call, but the identity of the woman remains a mystery.

The woman was seen on shore by someone in a boat. He was the one who raised the alarm, according to local media 24 Sada.

Authorities told the store that 14 members of Croatia’s mountain rescue service were able to reach her after driving and then walked a mile and a half to where she was.

“We saw a woman with minor injuries on the shore. She also had some scratches and was very dehydrated and physically weak. She could not drink a few chips of water,” 24 Sada said.

“We put her on a stretcher because she could not walk and we took her to the hospital,” the rescue service added.

The woman did not know where she came from or how she got to the island.

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Service 24 reported that he had no documents or a mobile phone and no car nearby.

The area where the woman was found was very rocky and practically inaccessible by sea or foot, citing locals.

Krk is the largest of the Adriatic Islands in Croatia and a popular destination for visitors to the country.

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