Jose was the leading scorer against the Siri Angels

The Dominican Astros From HoustonJose Sri, Constantly gives what needs to be said Major League Baseball – MLP This Monday he attached his room Home flow As year and first Go ahead In the best baseball in the world.

With the Astros vs. Angels game, Jose Siri was lined up as a leading player like Dusty Baker and started the best way, this Major League Baseball season, scoring a big home run to reach four on his account. As an introduction.

Without waiting too long and third on the pitch from Angels’ Jaime Barria, Sri stayed for the second day in a row and continues to make a big attack since making his debut with the Astros this MLB season, meaning his tenth win as a professional baseball player. In the best baseball in the world.

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The 26-year-old Dominican was undoubtedly the one who actually set fire to the Astros and today he was named the leading scorer against the Angels. Angel’s left field. The stadium opens with an indicator of 1-0 and fills the confidence with more playing time.

Who enjoyed it?

Jaime Barria decided to throw four seam fastballs at 92 mph as the third pitch of the night, but unfortunately for him, Jose Siri saw it in a big way and took it 109.4 miles deep into the LF and reached 426 feet, a testament to his great power and in 12 games in the ML Presented to his competitors.

Astros undoubtedly picked up Dominican from Sabana Grande de Boa at the right time, and he was not disappointed because he could definitely enjoy a start in the MLB with home runs.

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Their numbers

He has 22 ad-bats, four home runs, eight RBIs, the same number of runs, three stolen bases and an enviable .455 average of 10 wins.

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