They express the frantic love of Christian Nodal, not Belinda

Mexico City, Mexico.- From the beginning 2020 Christian Nodal Y Belinda They maintain Romantic relationshipHowever, before that delivery, the Mexican a Chilean singer Internationally known.

A few months after Nodal and Belinda were married, it was revealed who – a few years ago – the regional translator’s real Platonic love.

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Who is platonic love?

In 2017 there was Christian Nodal 17 years And awarded for “good, bad and ugly” project. There he said he wanted to My Lafarde She was twice her age at the time.

“My platonic love is called Mon Laferde, she’s my wife,” he said while playing a song in the middle of a Mexican show.


After Nodal’s words, Mon attends a boyfriend’s show Belinda, He demanded – in a humorous way – his comments.

In the video he shared Christy Nodal, You can see how Chile, the mother of the translator of “Audios Amore”, got him into trouble; “Why do you say I am your wife?”

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Time has passed and it has been reported in the Mexican press that Christian Nodal and Belinda may be getting married in August.

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