Brazil is already in the final, beating Peru without pain or pride (1-0)

Without pain or glory Brazil Is already over USA Cup. It is clear that the integrated tie, the current champion, will defend the title after winning, not by shield or personal quality, but by attitude Peru, Which left a much better picture than Kanarinha, but could not get anything positive (1-0).

He deceived Brazil in the first half. Tide decided to change the plan, and despite the approval of Gabriel Jesus, Firmino decided to leave the bench, recovering 4-3-3, and it seemed right. ‘S scary plan Kareka, Which at one point left Lapadula alone and suffered backwards.

This is summed up in Celano’s total dominance. Quick play, all that allowed a pitch in the worst condition, and chances for Brazil to go out with a bent leg on the pitch unfortunately. It started Neymar, Channel with a clear chance for the entire offense of his team, but he was again excellent as an assistant. Especially paqueta, Scored in the second game in a row after a deliberation in the area, breaking two of BSG’s rivals and leaving for his unforgiving (35 ‘) teammate.

If the scoreboard wasn’t overweight at half time it was also due to Kallis ’good work. In particular, on a double occasion with Neymar and Richardson, he kept Peru in the game.

Jigar’s role is important. How much Kareka wins in half. Realizing the mistake he had made in the creation, he dropped Russell and Marcos Lopez on the field, restored the defense of the four, finished the match for Brazil, and it melted again, settling for that lone advantage.

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What could have continued as an attacking festival turned into long, short, zero-attack possessions. Nothing to do with Peru. He had too much ball and created danger. In boots Lapatula Y Rachel, Which was forced Ederson To display. Meanwhile, on the other side of the field, races that go nowhere. Well, I adjust, which led to losses in counter-attacks, which broke the team somewhat.

Attitude of Peru That is not enough. Not a bad time Brazil (Although he could have been closer) and he kept his advantage without risk in the entire second half, this is what Conarinha is used to in Copa America and now has only one match to pick up in his pocket.

1- Brazil: Ederson; Danilo, Markinhos, Diego Silva, Lodi (Milito, 85 ‘); Buckway (Douglas Louis, 90 ‘), Casimiro, Fred (Fabinho, 85’); Everton (Ribeiro, 70 ‘), Neymar and Richardson (Vinicius, 85’)

0- Peru: Kallis; Callens, Ramos (Russell, 46 ‘), Santamaria; Corso (Lora, 75 ‘), Pena, Tobia (Tavara, 89’), Jodon, Truco (Marcos Lopez, 46 ‘); Cave (Ormono, 81 ‘); Lapatula

Goal: 1-0, Pocket (35 ‘)

Stadium: Nilton Santos Olympic Stadium

Referee: Roberto Dober (Chile). Yellow cards for Joten and Marcos Lopez for Chile and Vinicius Jr. for Brazil

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