They did not define the status of former Haitian officials detained in the country

The Ministry of Defense (MIDE) reported yesterday afternoon that the former mayor of Port-au-Prince and the former governor of Sakalaou had been arrested while attempting to cross the Dominican border without proper documents.

On arrival at the checkpoint on the International Highway, Chevy Yerve and Vincent Pierce were accompanied by Haitian policeman Antonine McKenzie and Mr.

“These are Haitian nationals who have been arrested for carrying weapons without a passport or visa, without permission to roam the Dominican roads, in a vehicle without a place permit, which is now a set of abuses to be dealt with by competent authorities,” the MIDE note said.

They arrived at Villa Anacona just before 7:00 last Sunday night, and when they searched, they were found to be illegal.

It explains that members of the military and intelligence services in charge of the checkpoint checked that passengers did not carry passports or visas to stay in the Dominican Territory.

The four did not object to the arrest or interrogation, they identified themselves, but called their relatives in Haiti and demanded authorization to inform them of their situation.

All were transferred to the Dominican Republican military fort in Djibouti, from where they were taken to Santo Domingo with military custody last Monday and handed over to authorities so they can complete the investigation process and the file associated with it.

They arrived on Sunday

Last Monday, the former mayor of Port-au-Prince, Chevy Yuri Ralph, was reportedly arrested in the Dominican Territory along with former governor of the border town of Sakalasou, Verson Pierre, two Haitian police officers, Antonine McKenzie and Vickensand Despine. After they fled their country, they were accused of “arranging” a conspiracy against him after he was allegedly “persecuted” by President Joanel Moisin.

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As the hours went by, politicians asked Dominican officials not to return to their country because they were “risking their lives” because the request was seconded by the National Network for the Defense of Human Rights (Rnddh) from Haiti, all Dominican Foreign Minister Roberto Alvarez wrote They are being subjected to political persecution in Haiti, for which he is asking for protection.

Chevri was interviewed and sent to his home by the Haitian Judicial Police Directorate last October, but on February 6, police officers entered his home and issued a search warrant against him two days later.

The announcement follows the arrest of a 17-year-old man in the company of Inspector General Mary Louise Gauthier, who was arrested on the night of Feb. 6 by court judge Uvigel Dujeste Dabres.

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