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Houston, Texas. – More than a million residents in the area Houston They are still without electricity service, which is essential in the current weather conditions.

As of 9:00 pm on Tuesday, 1.38 million people were without electricity, according to Center Point. They asked residents with proof, save as much as possible.

Yercaud announced that the restoration of electricity service in homes will depend on additional wind and solar production and the additional heat production they expect to be available in the next few hours.

They clarified that the number of users they are going to recover depends on how much power they can connect in the next few hours.

The Texas Electricity Reliability Council (ERCOT) manages the flow of electrical energy that serves more than 25 million customers in the state of Texas, representing 90 percent of the electrical loads of the entire Texas area.

“When will the light come on?”

“When will the light come on?” The question of many who still do not have electricity in their homes until Monday night.

“The Texas power system is facing unprecedented power shortages due to severe winter weather affecting the entire state, including Houston and its metropolitan area,” Center Point Energy said in a statement Monday.

Due to the extremely cold temperatures, the Texas Electricity Trust declared a statewide power generation emergency and activated rotating blackouts affecting the Houston area.

The company, which is responsible for guaranteeing the reliability of the power grid in Texas and guaranteeing the reliability of the power grid in Texas, decided to take this step due to a shortage of power generation throughout the Texas area, so they began with rotating cuts at 1:25 a.m. Monday. .

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Although it was reported on Sunday that the power outage could last from 15 to an hour, the truth is that many residents are enjoying more than 15 hours without this resource.

What not to do?

A family of six lit a charcoal grill inside an apartment by carbon monoxide poisoning. Four children were injured and all had to be taken to hospital.

Emergency contacts

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