The woman was found treacherous for speeding on the ace

A woman was stopped in front of a judge because she was speeding, but to her surprise, another woman, “Valentine,” was at the wheel of her husband’s car.

According to the Built Portal, he discovered the treachery after receiving a traffic ticket with a photo of the speeding vehicle.

The licensed person must testify in D நகரsseldorf (Germany) City Court last Friday that he did not drive and did not even have a driver’s license at the time of the crime. His side argued that the defendant did not appear in the photo, but rather another woman.

“My client opened a notice of fine in his house: he drove 60 kilometers instead of the allowed 60 on the Rhinefordnell 87. In the photo, he is looking frantically at the wheel of her husband’s company rental car. She did not even have a driver’s license at the time,” the defendant’s attorney said. Fatma Boiras-Devrim said.

The judge acquitted the accused because there was little resemblance between the woman in the photo and the accused. Meanwhile, the “lover” who appeared in the radar film could not go to court because he was abroad.

The husband admitted to the betrayal.

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