Tension in South Sea: Philippines accuses China of ramming its ships in its exclusive economic zone.

Chinese coast guard intercepts a Philippine supply ship on its way to the second Thomas Shoal sandbar in the South China Sea (REUTERS/Adrian Portugal/file)

Philippine and Chinese ships collided near Ayung's sandbar on Monday (The second was Thomas Schollin English), in the South China SeaAnd both sides blamed each other for the incident.

Known in Chinese as Renai ReefIn recent months, A The number of collisions between Chinese and Philippine ships is increasing over the shoal as Beijing intensified its efforts to impose its claims on the disputed area.

They often occurred during Philippine attempts to provide a garrison of Philippine troops aboard stranded naval vessels. Sierra MadreHelps establish Manila's claims on the reefs.

He The second was Thomas Scholl It is located about 200 kilometers from the western Philippine island of Palawan and 1,000 kilometers from the nearest landmass to China, Hainan Island.

The Chinese Coast Guard said a Philippine tanker was in the area “Ignored several solemn warnings from the Chinese side.”

He “Unprofessionally approached the Chinese ship and caused a collision“Beijing announced that the vessel was there “Illegally wrecked at sea near Renai Reef.”

“The Chinese Coast Guard took control measures against the Philippine vessel in accordance with the law,” he added.

But still The Armed Forces of the Philippines described the Chinese version of events as “false”.Condemnation of “Presence and Illegal Activities of Chinese Vessels within the Exclusive Economic Zone of the Philippines”.

The Philippine Navy ship Sierra Madre is anchored near the Ayungin sandbar and has infantry to protect the perimeter of the Spratly Islands (EPA/RITCHIE B. TONGO).

Manila's national task force in the West Philippine Sea later said it was with Chinese vessels “Performed dangerous maneuvers including ramming and pulling”.

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“His actions They endangered the lives of our employees They damaged our boats.

The Philippine government statement did not specify which ships were hit or the extent of the damage.

For his part, Philippine Defense Secretary, Gilberto C. TeodoroHe vowed to defend his country's sovereignty, saying “China's dangerous and reckless behavior in the West Philippine Sea will be countered.”

“It should now be clear to the international community that China's actions are genuine Obstacles to peace and stability in the South China Sea” he added.

Beijing claims almost the entire South China SeaThe international ruling ignored claims by several Southeast Asian countries, including the Philippines, that its position had no legal basis.

Sends Coast Guard and other vessels on patrol Also changed many patches Militarized artificial islands.

In recent months, the Philippines has stepped up its operations against ships in the vicinity The second was Thomas Scholl.

This month, Manila accused Chinese vessels of illegally seizing food and medicine airlifted to a Philippine outpost in the area.

Philippine marines collect remnants of food parcels floating in the sea at the second Thomas Shoal (Armed Forces of the Philippines via AP).

According to the army, this is the first time that the goods have been seized.

Chinese ship workers Then he threw those things into the waterPhilippine Navy spokesman for the West Philippine Sea Roy Vincent Trinidad said.

The military said it was not known whether they were from the Coast Guard or the Chinese Navy.

In response, China asserted that the Sierra Madre reefs were illegally landlocked. The Philippines must “stop creating problems.”

Chinese Coast Guard vessels have used water cannons against Philippine vessels several times.

Saturday China Coast Guard's New Rulesfrom this They can detain foreigners It is said to have penetrated into the disputed sea.

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The Philippines accused the Chinese Coast Guard of “Barbarous and inhuman conduct” against their ships.and the President Ferdinand Marcos He described the new climbing rules as “extremely worrying”.

China has defended its new coastal defense rules. Last month a Foreign Office spokesman said their aim was to “better maintain order at sea”.

Chinese Coast Guard vessels were deployed Water cannon against Philippine ships on several occasionsAnd Filipino troops have been injured in the clashes.

Vol A group of seven He was criticized on Friday for what he described China's “dangerous” incursions In the South China Sea.

Conflicts between China and the Philippines have raised fears of a wider maritime conflict involving the United States and other allies.

They pass through the South China Sea every year Billions of dollars in sea tradeAnd vast untapped oil and gas deposits are believed to lie beneath its seas, although estimates vary widely.

(With information from AFP)

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