They condemned T-Mobile’s charges for WhatsApp calls from Miami to Cuba.

Ana Maria Perez, a Miami resident, denounced to South Florida television network Telemundo 51 that her phone company, T-Mobile, recently charged her for a call she made to Cuba through the WhatsApp mobile application.

According to Information Published by Perez, this happened recently and is the first time his company has charged him. As known, calls through this app are free and that’s why some people use this app to communicate with their relatives in another country.

“Here I am after 50 years. I started to reconnect with a family and a relative again. And that’s the only call I make where I don’t need that package,” the lady explained.

However, the woman explained that the company recently charged nearly $100 for those two WhatsApp calls to Cuba. He said the correct bill was $96 and then he was threatened that he had long distance and had to pay or his services would be disconnected.

Phone charges for calling Cuba via WhatsApp?

What explanation was given to the Cuban resident in South Florida? She was charged because she was connected to T-Mobile’s Wi-Fi, not her home Wi-Fi when she made WhatsApp calls.

“WhatsApp took T-Mobile Wi-Fi and calling, that’s why they’re charging me that fee,” he said. Cuban of course asked to waive the charges since she didn’t know the policy, they refused and told her to put the cell phone on airplane mode.

“For me it was wrong because they told me it was my problem (…) I think society needs to know because many people don’t realize it and pay it,” he said.

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The Cuban woman was willing to pay the fee after a TV complaint, but the company later called, dropped the charges, apologized for the trouble, and put a block on her account to prevent her from being charged again for using WhatsApp.

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