Cuba condemns robbery at Havana International Airport

Cuban activist Yoelkis Torres Tapanes He denounced the robbery he suffered at the “José Martí” International Airport in Havana, where they opened his suitcase and took out a lot of milk and chocolate that he had taken to his grandfather, a 93-year-old man.

“This is the way this country is, Cubans have nothing else to steal like animals,” Torres Tapañez fumed this Tuesday from outside Cuba’s main airport terminal.

After complaining to the airport authorities, the reply was that the airline should be held responsible for the theft.

“We were able to verify with the videos of the cameras, thanks to one of the Magnicharter representatives, that the suitcase arrived here and was sealed,” he explained.

According to Torres Tapanes, the luggage locks were cut after being removed from the aircraft and taken to the airport collection mat.

“The evidence of the robbery is at the airport, so they don’t know who the culprit is,” said the young activist.

Likewise, he criticized the absence of police and security officers inside “Jos Marti” so he could not file a formal complaint.

Cyber ​​Cuba He contacted the young activist to find out other details about what had happened to him, and he explained that this was the second time he had been mugged at the airport.

“The first time it happened because of my negligence because I didn’t secure the suitcase properly, but this time even the locks broke,” he said.

Torres Dabanez says three packets of milk, two packets of powdered chocolate, candies and two bottles of perfume were taken from her luggage.

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“One of those perfumes was found halfway through the garbage bag, which meant they had time to open it and replace it,” he said.

The young man laments the lack of security for travelers to Cuba.

“No compensation, not enough customer service, not enough response to problems, absolutely no way to verify anything, customers not right before customs. It’s a total disaster,” he concluded.

A message was sent to the General Customs of the Republic and the “Jose Marti” International Airport in Havana, but they have not responded as of the moment of writing this note.

This is not the first case of robberies at Havana’s airport terminals, amid a general crisis sweeping the country with high crime, theft and violent attacks.

TO Crania Wilson DiasA resident of Guantanamo, Cuba, was robbed twice in the same month, and assured that five thousand pesos, the national currency, a bottle of perfume, and other personal belongings were taken from his luggage.

In 2019 Julio Cesar Delgado Ramos He was the victim of another robbery at the Havana airport, arriving from Mexico City, and reported missing his suitcase on a mat in the terminal.

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