They condemn hardware and theft before scanning records in CNE warehouses

Tegucigalpa, Honduras

It has been more than 40 hours since the polls closed last Sunday, March 14Primary and by-elections in Honduras, Continues the recession in announcing the first election results. Now storage disks and internet cuts are stolen before scanning minutes.

Presidential candidate for Partido Libertad Y Refundation (Libre), Carlos Eduardo Reina, He denounced what happened on his social networks.

“The hard drive report was stolen from the scanner National Election Council (CNE) They cut fiber optic rings. This has been going on for more than 40 hours since the Welcome Election Schedules (MERs) were closed, ‚ÄĚReena wrote on Twitter.

The complaint arose from Within CNE’s cellars. The main internet cable was cut and the hard drives of the computer systems were stolen.

Previously, CNE Consultant, Ricky MoncadaOn Monday night, he said, nationalist leader Fernando Andre came to the warehouses where the election bags were being received and threatened not to open the boxes himself and the technical staff for minutes.

The Primary and by-elections 2021 in Honduras Created on March 14, in the absence of the Preliminary Election Results Transfer System (TREP), uncertainty has grown as CNE has not yet released official data.

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