The Bermuda Triangle: NASA’s interesting discoveries

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Special NASA The area located between the southern part of is revealed Florida, And islands Bermuda Y Puerto Rico, Is called Bermuda Triangle, Can produce Damage to satellites, No Are bombarded by intense radiation.

According to researchers, radiation is more intense than anywhere else on Earth The solar cosmic rays are not retained In this area, therefore Satellites experience increased radiation When they cross this region.

“I do not like the nickname of the Bermuda Triangle, but in that region, The The low intensity of the Earth’s magnetic field ends, causing more damage to the satellite’s energetic particles., Spacecraft could be damaged while crossing the area, ”he said. John Tarduno, Professor of Geophysics University of Rochester.

“A) Yes, Satellites passing through the Bermuda Triangle will experience high levels of radiation Damage may be due to shock or electric shock ”.

According to astronauts International Space Station, In the early years Bermuda Triangle This caused computer failures, forcing space agencies to shut them down.

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