Trade with Haiti is $ 1,200 million a year

Director General of Customs Eduardo Sans Lowet made the report this morningHe traded with Haiti for US $ 1,200 million, Estimated at $ 100 million per month.

When President Louis Abinader took office, Sans Loweton noted the situation after confirming that two markets had been closed due to the epidemic, but work began to reactivate them immediately.

Added it These markets have been operating to this day and were closed due to the current situation in the neighboring country after the assassination of its leader Jovnell Moyes.So, in order to reopen, it is necessary to see how Haiti is developing at this moment.

It is recalled that Abinadar ordered the closure of the Haitian border after Moyes was killed this Wednesday morning.

24 hour dispatch

Sans Lowet spoke after giving a press conference to talk about the 24-hour shipment, which has already shipped 2,790 containers in the ports of Hyena and DP World Cuceto.

The head of customs revealed it The remittance is projected to save the Dominican logistics chain RD $ 500 million by 2021. RD $ 1,300 million by 2022.


Sans Lowetton said a committee would be set up to assess the mechanism by which President Louis Abinader will put forward certain measures to oppose the disbursement of RD $ 2,000 million in credit facilities to importers of certain agricultural inputs, as ordered yesterday. Rising prices in the country.

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