They captured Hyla at the US Embassy in Havana

Cuban singer Hyla Maria Mombi visited US Embassy in Havana And captured by the influencer’s paparazzi Alex Ottola.

In the show Hello Ota-Ola, the presenter launched several hypotheses about Hyla’s reasons for being at the US embassy. Among them, he mentioned a family reunification process with his son, humanitarian parole or another type of visa.

“She seems to believe it Not in Miami changes. “Hey, what I want to know is how do they treat you at an embassy, ​​they don’t handle cases other than family reunification,” said the influencer.

Ottola recalled the campaign he waged against the singer in 2019, when he visited Miami to perform several concerts in the United States, including some in Las Vegas. They were cancelled.

At that time the artist gave statements to the press, where he pointed out Visited USA since 1997, when he went to perform a concert in New York. He added that it was lucky that they always issued visas that allowed him to enter the country without any problems.

A few days later, the mayor of Miami, Francis SuarezHe named her Persona non grata He argues that the artist left evidence of his “admiration for the Castro regime, especially the late Fidel Castro,” and points out that people like him “only come to Miami to provoke.”

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