They auditioned for El Niño and La Verdad during a concert in Havana

Cuban singer and songwriter Emilio FriasConductor of the band The boy and the truth He fell victim to censorship during a concert this Saturday at the House of Music of Galliano in Havana.

Pictures circulating on social networks show when An audio technician who refused to turn off the loudspeaker was escorted by a security guard, who escorted the man out of the venue’s main room.

The moment the audio technician was violently removed from the premises (Source: Facebook / Capture by Manuel D La Cruz)

“Let people see you turn it off. It’s over. Now take it down if you want.”Emilio Frias said as the situation escalated in the sound area.

The images show a man in blue drag denying trespassing and another in a long-sleeved white shirt signaling the concert has already ended.

“I could be wrong, but my mistake is mine, I don’t mean it, I think I’ve got a lot of people thinking. I’m not saying anything, here they have everything together. I didn’t say anything”, singer Manuel de la Cruz is heard saying in a video shared on social networks.

“If they’re going to do that, I’m going to come back and tell them, if they’re going to go like that, don’t call me anymore. Don’t call me anymore and get me out of everywhere, get me off the television, get me off the radio, the only place you can’t get me out is the hearts of the Cuban people. Wherever I am, I will be in the hearts and minds of all Cubans”, concluded the translator before singing his song dedicated to Yemaya.

“They started taking down the microphone and everything. They turned off the lights so he could finish, he got angry, and then he sang two songs with a little criticism, and they wouldn’t even let him on TV for that.” As indicated in the reports Cyber ​​Cuba A witness to the concert.

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activist Manuel de la Cruz explained on Facebook They turned off the audio to prevent Emilio Frias from singing the theme song, “Cambio.” -scheduled to premiere on YouTube on September 16- and local security personnel violently evict an audio technician who refused to turn off the equipment. The acoustics of the site is a proven one.

“Some of the participants start insulting the local authorities, and then even the government itself. Emilio Frias, at the open mic, assures that he knows this will be his last presentation in Cuba”De la Cruz concluded.

(Source: Capture by Manuel de la Cruz)

In the comments to the publication, many Internet users speculated that yesterday might be the singer’s last performance in Cuba, as there is also a coincidence. Going on a one month tour to Mexico.

“You know I’m very honest, that’s why I’m going to die, I have no plans to stay, he raised me, with my mother who works by my side, my musicians and my childhood friends, who is the truth? , are less and less, with you, fill me “You gave me everything that keeps me alive, my audience, my people, my people. Now that it’s clear, it’s going to be a month-long tour, don’t worry, Cuba has El Niño and La Verdad for a while,” comments Emilio Frias in a release announcing his Mexican tour. Wrote on September 7 in the category.

However, given what happened at the Casa de la Música this Saturday, few wonder if the singer has changed his mind about his future.

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