Shakira poses very attractively in her new fashion project

Shakira Burberry

sure, Shakira It is very current and for various reasons. On the one hand, the Colombian singer has been breaking records with him Song Boring. On the other hand, he is living through a bittersweet moment after his announcement Footballer broke up with Gerard Piqué And manage to sign a contract Protection of their children. Also, there were tense days after admission His father was William Mebarak, at the Teknon-Quirón Clinic in Barcelona. Fortunately, already He has been discharged from the hospital. But this is not all, because the star of the song has now taken a professional turn Showing his face as a modelEspecially, for the upcoming Christmas dates.

Board Burna Boy for Burberry

facing the target Visionary TORSOShakira co-stars Barna Boy is a Nigerian singer and producer The Propaganda holiday From the house of Burberryhave been baptized with the title of The Night Before (“A celebration of the excitement and anticipation of holiday preparations”). In both video and photography, the successful Colombian shows us two different images of herself. This way, we can see her with her most British look, where the tartan check pattern dominates and one coat is a trench coat.

Shakira Burberry

Shakira Burberry

Her most glamorous aspect comes when she poses in a sheer dress studded with crystals in the shape of an oak leaf and logo. “❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥”, he comments Naomi Campbell Before this picture Shakira wanted to share on her social profile.

For his part, until last September, the creative director of the company, Riccardo Dizzi, also wanted to collect this work on his social network, his latest campaign for Burberry. In this case, he released it as a video in which we can see Accessories Shakira under the rainOne of these Ring with the word ‘Love’ on it (‘Love’) It fits on his little finger.

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Shakira Burberry

Shakira Burberry

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