They ate three years free for a delivery error and now have to pay for it all

A failure in the payment processing system of Japanese food delivery service Demae-can allowed some users to eat free for 3 years, according to local media reports.

by RT

According to the statement sent by the company to the affected users, some of the orders made through the payment applications of the mobile operators DoCoMo, au and SoftBank were It was accepted and delivered, but a Demae-can system error caused the operators to Refund or cancel payments.

Since the company began accepting payments through mobile operators on August 24, 2018, it is estimated that the failure occurred Anytime between 2018 and 2021.

Upon discovering the breach, Dimai revealed her intention to do so Collect funds corresponding to all affected orders about failure.

“They charge me 60,000 yen [unos 550 dólares]. I’m going to die,” reads a client message picked up by the media. “I received a one-sided message telling me I must pay in two weeks due to a payment error,” says another affected.

According to SoraNews24, it’s unclear why Demae- took so long to discover the bug.

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